Blockchain revolution in the motor industry

Currently, the automotive market is a real battle for the attention of new buyers. Cars have bolder shapes and more and more unusual functions. It should be mentioned that the automotive industry is very significant in all global economies. The development of this industry is not only economically important, but also improves the safety of car users. A few years ago, the revolution was the addition of a turbocharger to a car or the replacement of analogue clocks with electronic ones. What could be revolutionary today?

The ideal solution is to use blockchain technology. Considering the fact that this technology has many advantages and can be versatile, it perfectly combines innovation with security. Now the question arises, what exactly will this technology bring to these cars?

Imaginations and reality ...

If you asked any person 20 years ago: how do you imagine cars of the next decade? This one would definitely answer that a flying vehicle with countless buttons, lights and functions. In brief, a description of the car presented in the popular movie such as "Back to the future" or a fairy tale such as "Space family". On the other hand, nobody predicted self-parking cars or autopilot functions. Only a few years ago, despite the timeless revolution in the IT industry, electric cars seemed to be a minor sketch. In addition, the author's vision delayed in time. AND HAS BACK UP.

The current revolution in the automotive industry

Car manufacturers are not only trying to be more eco, but also look for ways to provide the user with maximum amenities, improving safety and comfort of use. Cars, thanks to appropriate systems, can analyze users' driving styles and check the condition of individual elements. They can provide the same car owner and other users with certain data that can improve the safety of all road users. Just imagine how many collisions would be avoided if the car systems detected the passage of another car on a red light. Automatically, at the same time, this information would be passed on to all other users nearby. It's all thanks to the blockchain that provides instantly verified data. Another important aspect of using blockchain is the ability to use the car as a means of payment, e.g. on highways. This is a secure payment method, because you can track the full history of all transactions.

Blockchain revolution in electric cars

Providing information about current road conditions can also be a very useful feature. It would be useful in the case of traffic jams and would avoid unfortunate events. An additional advantage would be scanning the area in which the user moves. Such information is especially needed for electric car users. Any such information would save some of the battery.

Blockchain technology is a kind of protection against using children to work in mines of raw materials needed for batteries of electric cars. This is currently a problem because the mines have systems susceptible to human data modification. Blockchain provides control over the data. Information once entered into the system ensures full transparency of unwanted modifications.