In these countries, 1 Satoshi (SAT) is worth more than the local currency

Bitcoin was created in 2009. Since then, its value has increased significantly. In 2010, one BTC could be purchased for around $ 0.10. The value of bitcoin is dictated by market demand and supply.

Today, if you want to buy one bitcoin, you would have to spend as much as ... $ 10,300! This stunning amount is not able to threaten any circulation currency in the world.


Every currency has its smallest part. In dollars - 1 cent (0.01 USD). The smallest part of bitcoin is 1 satoshi, which is 0.00000001 BTC. It is about $ 0.0001. This is a small amount, but there are countries where even this value is greater than the value of the local currency!

Iran - Iranian Rial (IRR)

In Iran, the basic currency is the rial. The current value of 1 Satoshi on Iranian rial is about 4.2 IRR

Venezuela - Bolivar (VES)

Today, we can buy 7.3 VES for the value of 1 Satoshi. Unbelievable, right?

Indonesia - Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Coming to Indonesia, for the smallest bitcoin unit we get about 1.4 IDR.

Vietnam - Vietnamese dong (VND)

Vietnam is also a country whose currency is one of the most worthless. Currently for 1 satoshi we will get about 2.3 VND

At present, the smallest part of Bitcoin exceeds the value of the currency in the above countries. But what happens if BTC reaches a value of several thousand dollars...?